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Have you ever expe­ri­enced being a cow­ard and not being able to move? I remem­ber the first time I took my dri­ving class­es two years ago. I woke up every­day at 6 in the morn­ing so that I’ll be fin­ished then before my reg­u­lar work­ing hours. As I approach the dri­ver’s seat, I was so excit­ed to have a grip on the steer­ing wheel and do every­thing I want­ed.

But the instruc­tor yelled at me; he said, “that’s not the prop­er way to grip.” And then he taught me that I should grip my left had on the 9th and my right hand on the 3rd (that is to treat the steer­ing wheel as a clock). He often yelled me if I did some­thing wrong, but then com­fort­ed me that it was okay. One thing that I’ve learned through­out the dura­tion of my dri­ving les­son is that you have to choose the offen­sive side but always prac­tice defen­sive dri­ving by fol­low­ing the rules and safe­ty pre­cau­tions. Being offen­sive in dri­ving does­n’t mean being stu­pid, it just means being brave enough to take aggres­sive deci­sions in the road like when tak­ing a turn in a merg­ing traf­fic and take the oppor­tu­ni­ty as quick­ly as pos­si­ble.

Now that I have my own car, some­one asked me if I still feel the fear. To be hon­est, the first time I drove my car, I was afraid. I am very care­ful to the extent that I was mov­ing so slow, and being so afraid led my car to obtain some scratch­es. Haha. Cur­rent­ly, I am not that afraid, I choose the offen­sive side. Some­times being afraid pre­vents us from reach­ing our max­i­mum poten­tial. The time I have man­aged my fear, I learned so quick­ly and I am no longer got scratch­es.

I real­ized, it should be like­wise in life. Many peo­ple slack off after a defeat. They become luke­warm and inde­ci­sive. And inde­ci­sive peo­ple are nev­er secure regard­less of their wealth, edu­ca­tion, or posi­tion. These peo­ple live defen­sive­ly. John Mason once said, “Peo­ple who live defen­sive­ly nev­er rise above being aver­age.”

And that’s our innate being. Our minds are pro­grammed to think neg­a­tive­ly after a cir­cum­stance, and our inner being will start guard­ing itself from fur­ther destruc­tion. Then you’ll start defend­ing your­self and not admit your own mis­takes, and the list goes on. It hap­pened to me a lot of times. I learned the hard way of deal­ing with my pains and short­com­ings, it made me to be afraid to make the next move. And some­times I crossed the line between frus­tra­tion and bit­ter­ness.

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I learn not to defend your present sit­u­a­tion or cir­cum­stance. I became defen­sive and when you are on the defen­sive side, all con­flicts becomes per­son­al. Have you ever notice that to your­self when you are upset about some­thing your boss or your col­league did? You sud­den­ly explode and vent out to some­one defend­ing your­self that you were right. “kampi­han mo ako bes, mali siya, tama ako. Sino ba siya sa akala niya?” 

You see, most of the time our frus­tra­tions turns into bit­ter­ness. We become bit­ter towards the per­son that we attack them, we kill them with our thoughts, and most of the time, we tell them to oth­ers, thus the gos­sip comes. All of your rea­sons that are defen­sive almost nev­er suc­ceeds, and most­ly nev­er solve the issue.

Always choose to be the per­son who is on the offen­sive side and not the defen­sive. When you choose to be an offen­sive per­son, your life will begin to change. Being an offen­sive per­son  makes you to become strong and coura­geous as you fight the issue, not the per­son. In Joshua 1:6–9, the Lord says to Joshua three times, “Be strong and coura­geous!” and I believe it should be the best thing we can do as believ­ers.

What about if you were not sure where to go?

Have you ever expe­ri­enced going some­where you’ve nev­er been before and does not know which way to go? I expe­ri­enced that most of the time. But instead allow­ing myself to be intim­i­dat­ed, and pulling back myself, I’ll just go and see what’s ahead.

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If you are not sure which way to go, may it be life’s biggest deci­sion, enter­ing a rela­tion­ship or not, pur­su­ing some­one you like or per­haps pur­su­ing anoth­er degree or edu­ca­tion, don’t be like most peo­ple stuck pray­ing. I’m noth­ing against pray­ing, as a mat­ter of fact, I do it often. But don’t stick with it. Pray then go, move to the sit­u­a­tion in faith. Faith with­out works is dead (James 2:17).

If you ever heard or read about the sto­ry of two fish­er­men stuck in the mid­dle of the see and trapped in the storm. One turned the to oth­er and asked: “Should we pray or should we row?” His com­pan­ion respond­ed, “Let’s do both!”

And that’s tak­ing the offen­sive side. Some­times, you don’t know what comes next but you should always try. Our faith is only test­ed when we take the leap.

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