Have you ever experienced being a coward and not being able to move? I remember the first time I took my driving classes two years ago. I woke up everyday at 6 in the morning so that I'll be finished then before my regular working hours. As I approach the driver's seat, I was so excited to have a grip on the steering wheel and do everything I wanted.

But the instructor yelled at me; he said, "that's not the proper way to grip." And then he taught me that I should grip my left had on the 9th and my right hand on the 3rd (that is to treat the steering wheel as a clock). He often yelled me if I did something wrong, but then comforted me that it was okay. One thing that I've learned throughout the duration of my driving lesson is that you have to choose the offensive side but always practice defensive driving by following the rules and safety precautions. Being offensive in driving doesn't mean being stupid, it just means being brave enough to take aggressive decisions in the road like when taking a turn in a merging traffic and take the opportunity as quickly as possible.

Now that I have my own car, someone asked me if I still feel the fear. To be honest, the first time I drove my car, I was afraid. I am very careful to the extent that I was moving so slow, and being so afraid led my car to obtain some scratches. Haha. Currently, I am not that afraid, I choose the offensive side. Sometimes being afraid prevents us from reaching our maximum potential. The time I have managed my fear, I learned so quickly and I am no longer got scratches.

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I realized, it should be likewise in life. Many people slack off after a defeat. They become lukewarm and indecisive. And indecisive people are never secure regardless of their wealth, education, or position. These people live defensively. John Mason once said, "People who live defensively never rise above being average."

And that's our innate being. Our minds are programmed to think negatively after a circumstance, and our inner being will start guarding itself from further destruction. Then you'll start defending yourself and not admit your own mistakes, and the list goes on. It happened to me a lot of times. I learned the hard way of dealing with my pains and shortcomings, it made me to be afraid to make the next move. And sometimes I crossed the line between frustration and bitterness.

I learn not to defend your present situation or circumstance. I became defensive and when you are on the defensive side, all conflicts becomes personal. Have you ever notice that to yourself when you are upset about something your boss or your colleague did? You suddenly explode and vent out to someone defending yourself that you were right. "kampihan mo ako bes, mali siya, tama ako. Sino ba siya sa akala niya?" 

You see, most of the time our frustrations turns into bitterness. We become bitter towards the person that we attack them, we kill them with our thoughts, and most of the time, we tell them to others, thus the gossip comes. All of your reasons that are defensive almost never succeeds, and mostly never solve the issue.

Always choose to be the person who is on the offensive side and not the defensive. When you choose to be an offensive person, your life will begin to change. Being an offensive person  makes you to become strong and courageous as you fight the issue, not the person. In Joshua 1:6-9, the Lord says to Joshua three times, "Be strong and courageous!" and I believe it should be the best thing we can do as believers.

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What about if you were not sure where to go?

Have you ever experienced going somewhere you've never been before and does not know which way to go? I experienced that most of the time. But instead allowing myself to be intimidated, and pulling back myself, I'll just go and see what's ahead.

If you are not sure which way to go, may it be life's biggest decision, entering a relationship or not, pursuing someone you like or perhaps pursuing another degree or education, don't be like most people stuck praying. I'm nothing against praying, as a matter of fact, I do it often. But don't stick with it. Pray then go, move to the situation in faith. Faith without works is dead (James 2:17).

If you ever heard or read about the story of two fishermen stuck in the middle of the see and trapped in the storm. One turned the to other and asked: "Should we pray or should we row?" His companion responded, "Let's do both!"

And that's taking the offensive side. Sometimes, you don't know what comes next but you should always try. Our faith is only tested when we take the leap.

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