After This

After This”

As sea­sons come, so they must go,
We face the sun­shine, strifes, and storms,
We are enjoined with­in that flow.
But one thing I know that is for sure,
God will always have an after this, for you.

Job lay­offs may come, but a bet­ter job will come,
Rela­tion­ships may break, but a bet­ter will come along,
Sick­ness may make you weak, but you’ll come out stronger,
Pain may break your heart, but some­one you deserve will come.

Aren’t you glad that there’s Some­one who sits on the throne, and it’s not you?
Some­one who is glo­ri­ous, majes­tic, full of grace and truth
Com­fort­ing you with these words:
“My son/daughter, I am the Lord your God, will always have an after this, for you.”

The Great Sin


There is one vice in this world that no man in this world is free.

The more a man has it,
The more he dis­likes it in oth­ers.

If you want to find out how much you have of it,
The eas­i­est way is to ask thy­self;

How much do I dis­like when peo­ple think low of me?
How much plea­sure did I get from being rich­er, clever, and good-look­ing than the next per­son?

A kind of can­cer that nei­ther eats up the flesh,
But eats up love, con­tent­ment, and even one’s com­mon sense.

It takes no plea­sure out of hav­ing some­thing,
It takes plea­sure think­ing thy neigh­bor is not bet­ter than ye.