Coding For Jesus

Whether we like it or not, tech­nol­o­gy has already invad­ed the world. The inter­net was born dur­ing the 1980’s, and it changed the life in this world for­ev­er.

Chris­tian­i­ty is always counter-cul­ture for one rea­son, “it cre­ates cul­ture”.

Through­out the his­to­ry, the first Chris­tians was the first who ini­ti­at­ed out­reach com­mu­ni­ties in the world, like Red Cross, Sal­va­tion Army and the peo­ple behind great trans­for­ma­tion of a nation, like Mar­tin Luther and of course the Amer­i­ca who was once found­ed by its lead­ers and estab­lished its laws based on bib­li­cal prin­ci­ples and Jesus’s teach­ings.

Today, as Chris­tians we are fac­ing anoth­er obsta­cle. “The Inter­net and Social Media”. The Inter­net nowa­days has been used not only to con­nect peo­ple to a broad­er range of knowl­edge but also the spread of hatred and lies.

Many younger peo­ple have been bul­lied, manip­u­lat­ed for sex­u­al advances and has been addict­ed to inter­net pornog­ra­phy. Some mil­len­ni­als also are search­ing answers on the inter­net and root­ing their iden­ti­ty on social media. I have a few friends also val­i­dat­ing their exis­tence based on how influ­en­tial they are in the social media and how many likes they gar­nered every day.

Now the chal­lenge is, with so many pages and infor­ma­tion on the inter­net, how can a Chris­t­ian can stand out for Jesus? Can a Chris­t­ian pro­gram­mer or soft­ware engi­neer can have their own plat­form to share Jesus every day except being phys­i­cal­ly present with the per­son?

Hack and Make Dis­ci­ples

I nev­er thought there was a place for a “tech guy” in a church except work­ing behind the mon­i­tors.

As a techie guy, I nev­er thought that we can also bring Jesus to the lost and make dis­ci­ples in the dig­i­tal space.

Last week­end, I had this oppor­tu­ni­ty to join a hackathon event in Orti­gas held by Indig­i­tous Philip­pines.

At the back of my mind, how in the world Chris­tians can make dis­ci­ples using inter­net and tech­nol­o­gy? Oh boy, I was wrong!

It was my first time to par­tic­i­pate in a hackathon chal­lenge. I had no friends there except for Jen who signed up as well but we do have dif­fer­ent fortes. I aim to join a team who codes for an app, who loves to make strate­gies or can be a speak­er to pitch the prod­uct at the end of the event, which in turn I became one!

Dur­ing the event, the coor­di­na­tors asked us to choose at least one chal­lenge. There were so many chal­lenges:


And much more! As usu­al, friends teamed up togeth­er. I chose #thegospel­sto­rychal­lenge as it has been my pas­sion to share Jesus in dif­fer­ent cre­ative ways.

I nev­er thought those who came in with­out friends will also join the chal­lenge I chose, Jen a friend of mine from Vic­to­ry Fort, also chose it and what an amaz­ing team we formed.

For two days, even we lack sleep, we were able to pro­duce an out­put. Hooray! I was ner­vous because that was my first time to pitch a prod­uct or project, thank­ful­ly my toastmaster’s expe­ri­ence paved the way!

Since it’s already late night, to make this short, WE WON!”

Yes, we are one of the two teams who chose to par­tic­i­pate glob­al­ly in the near future. What a pic­ture of grace and mer­cy of God for our team.

Our project is called “Go+Share”, ’ which was coined from the bible verse in Matthew 28:19.

Our objec­tive is to cre­ate a plat­form where­in we can reach out to the young mil­len­ni­als who we know are strug­gling with depres­sion, anx­i­ety, lack of pur­pose and significance.We also have plans of cre­at­ing viral videos that can encour­age a per­son and devel­op a mobile app where we can be con­nect­ed to these indi­vid­u­als online by email­ing them and set­ting up webi­na­rs or online meet­ings for a one on one dis­ci­ple­ship (121) for those indi­vid­u­als who want to learn more about Jesus.

We real­ized that social media can be help­ful to reach them since most of them are active on it. We made graph­i­cal images of their real­i­ty and sev­er­al spo­ken poet­ry videos with a hope that we can con­nect to them with­out push­ing the gospel or forc­ing them to change. Let alone Jesus change them.

I would like to thank who offered to spon­sor our domain for 1 year ( Your gen­eros­i­ty will reach the mul­ti­tudes of souls wait­ing for some­one who can encour­age and moti­vate them and share Jesus with them online.

The ene­my has been using the inter­net to kill, steal and destroy lives. Why not use the same tool to spread the gospel and spread the love to those who needs it?

As I end this blog, I encour­age you to take part also in this advo­ca­cy of “bring­ing back the mil­len­ni­als back to God”. With your help, we can save many lives.

To learn more about us,  like vis­it our Face­book Page:

If you are complaining read this…

Do you hate the cur­rent gov­ern­ment? What about your life? What about the polit­i­cal issues around?

I’ve noticed that social media has been a great tool for us to express our­selves, our ideas, and our emo­tions but today, it makes more peo­ple divi­sive than ever before.

With the polit­i­cal issues going on, peo­ple start­ed spread­ing hate rather than love and appre­ci­a­tion. I’ve also seen some “opin­ion­at­ed friends”, debat­ing in Face­book, some says they are Chris­tians but there’s a lot of hatred on what they are rant­i­ng about, rather being the salt and the light, they are tox­ic to someone’s life.

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While there is free­dom of expres­sion, I respect that each of us has the right to voice our opin­ions, but would it more ben­e­fi­cial for us if we just keep it to our­selves and instead try to sup­port each oth­er?

Sad­ly, there’s so much hatred going on. As a Fil­ipino, I’ve seen that we have become more divid­ed than we have ever been in the his­to­ry. Now if you are the one com­plain­ing about your job, your life and about the gov­ern­ment, I want you to think what’s going on to the oth­er part of the world. What if you were not born in the Philip­pines and God made you a Syr­i­an or an Iraqi?

What if you even­tu­al­ly die tomor­row and you still have that hatred in your heart?

I sug­gest, that we must be grate­ful instead of where we are right now and what we are expe­ri­enc­ing right now. We should learn to accept the things that we can­not change since the gov­ern­ment was insti­tut­ed by God and He alone directs the course of the nations.

Before we air our opin­ions, con­sid­er this check­list:

  • Is my opin­ion help­ful?
  • Is my opin­ion good for the coun­try?
  • Who will ben­e­fit from my opin­ion?
  • If you have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to help the gov­ern­ment, what would you do?
  • Will my opin­ion will bless my coun­try or it will just pro­mote hatred and divi­sion?

Sad­ly, there are peo­ple who just love to com­plain but when they asked this ques­tions, they answered none.

Check your­self, Am I being a tox­ic to oth­er peo­ple because of my own opin­ions? Would you rather save a rela­tion­ship by keep­ing your opin­ion to your­self or you want to make ene­mies out of it?

With a lot of issues that needs to be set­tled, I rather trust God dur­ing this time and take the time to pray for my coun­try, for the Pres­i­dent and for the peo­ple. Didn’t God was the one who com­mand­ed us to sub­mit to the gov­ern­ing author­i­ties?

I choose to be grate­ful. I choose not to curse my coun­try but rather bless it with the words from my mouth. How about you?.

5 Rules of Short and Clear Messaging


Image from Caleb Roenigk (Flickr)

Last June 30, the new Pres­i­dent of the Repub­lic of the Philip­pines; Rodri­go Roa Duterte took an oath at the Mala­canang Palace. I have wit­nessed his very short and clear inau­gur­al speech that moved mil­lions of Fil­ipinos to hope again on the gov­ern­ment. Salute to this man as he knows what real­ly lead­er­ship is, a man of his words, and a man of action.

Did you know that there were no crimes have been record­ed dur­ing that day? I think that’s one of the chill­ing effects of this new admin­is­tra­tion. When cit­i­zens have the fear and respect for the gov­ern­ment and decid­ed to be part of the solu­tion rather than part of the prob­lem, every­thing will be easy.

Today, I would like to share with you some of the things I’ve learned from our President’s speech and will try also to include what I have learned also from Toast­mas­ters regard­ing effec­tive com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

David Ogilvy once said; “Peo­ple who think well, write well”.

Effec­tive writ­ing and com­mu­ni­ca­tion is not a nat­ur­al gift or tal­ent, it is a skill that any­one can learn and can be mas­tered through­out the process.

Here are some of the rules I’ve learned so far the way he deliv­ered his speech:

1. Read a lot of books. Read books on good writ­ing and com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Read your favorite book three times.

Read­ers are lead­ers and so lead­ers are read­ers. Most of the great­est man we’ve known that brought change to the world, are known to be good read­ers and writ­ers. They can com­mu­ni­cate effec­tive­ly whether to a live audi­ence or read­ers because they read good books.

In toast­mas­ters, I have to read good books dai­ly so that I can share more sto­ries to my audi­ence and gain some insights and lessons from them. I also lis­ten to pod­casts or TED Talks dur­ing my free time.

I think Duterte is also a read­er because most of the peo­ple known him, usu­al­ly called him a mas­ter tac­ti­cian. He knows the cry of the peo­ple, he knows the prob­lem and true enough he used that weapon to aid his cam­paign that even ordi­nary peo­ple joined him vol­un­tar­i­ly. He didn’t pay this them to cam­paign for him, rather, the peo­ple vol­un­tar­i­ly spend some of their cash for his cam­paign.

2. Write the way you talk or should talk and say it nat­u­ral­ly

When you talk or write, make it nat­ur­al. How? Make it very per­son­al because peo­ple will eas­i­ly notice it if you don’t speak nat­u­ral­ly and you just mem­o­rized it, you will only be a laugh­ing­stock for your crit­ics once you for­get your script.

But how can I speak nat­u­ral­ly if I don’t mem­o­rize it?

There are many meth­ods or out­lines you can use to aid your talk or your writ­ing. Here are two of the men­tal out­lines I’ve used when­ev­er I’m prepar­ing my speech­es:

PREP (Point — Rea­son — Exam­ple — Point)

This can be done by stat­ing your point, the rea­son for it, pro­vide some exam­ples to sup­port it, and go back to your point again to empha­size it.

SMG (Sto­ry — Mes­sage — Gain)

This can be done by shar­ing a sto­ry or an anec­dote, then your mes­sage and then the ben­e­fit the audi­ence can gain from your speech.

There are so many men­tal out­lines you can use. But I usu­al­ly use those two and start or end with a quote relat­ed to the sub­ject mat­ter. Just talk about what you know, your expe­ri­ences, peo­ple will love it if they can relate to you. Don’t be some­one else, be your­self!

3. Nev­er use jar­gon words.

As a read­er and lis­ten­er, I often with­draw from a book or speech if I don’t under­stand it from my lev­el of under­stand­ing. Using ordi­nary words would help you a lot to com­mu­ni­cate.

4. Check your quo­ta­tions, improve the orig­i­nal or give empha­sis to the words.

I don’t think a writer would com­mit a sin if he or she tries to improve a quo­ta­tion from an author. Why not try it?. There are times I’m improv­ing some quo­ta­tions from oth­er known authors and give empha­sis on it. You bet­ter give it a shot.

5. Nev­er pub­lish it or use it on the day you write it, read aloud in the next morn­ing and then edit it or throw it away if you don’t like how it is.

One of the mis­takes I did was the time I pub­lished first copies of my book. I didn’t check fur­ther for typos and gram­mar laps­es, that result­ed from me to revised the whole book and check it with anoth­er edi­tor or proof­read­er. To avoid this, nev­er set­tle for good. Don’t com­pro­mise qual­i­ty for the sake of urgency.

Bot­tom­line is, if you want to com­mu­ni­cate clear­ly and effec­tive­ly, make it short, and direct to the point.

This post was inspired by an arti­cle from

How to Move on from The Election Fever

How to move on from the election fever

Here’s my ran­dom reflec­tion regard­ing the post-elec­tion. Elec­tion is over, we have a new pres­i­dent and I observed not all peo­ple are ready to move on from the hav­oc of this elec­tion. I also noticed that some of my friends unfriend­ed me on Face­book, worst some close friends blocked me.

Our coun­try will now enter to the sea­son of uncer­tain out­comes. A new admin­is­tra­tion under Duterte’s pres­i­den­cy, who ear­li­er claimed to cease crim­i­nal­i­ty, drugs and cor­rup­tion. The so called Iron-man or “the pun­ish­er”, was recent­ly con­fessed that he became a Chris­t­ian already and have a deep abid­ing faith in God alone.

Who would have thought that this tough guy, would sur­ren­der his life to God amidst of accu­sa­tions  against him. Accu­sa­tions that he will just bring this coun­try to hell and do not vote him just like the Roman Church priests repeat­ed­ly said dur­ing the cam­paign peri­od.

What sad­dened me most is that even all the pres­i­den­tial can­di­dates con­ced­ed, fol­low­ers remain in the area of mud­sling­ing. Some peo­ple instead of being sup­port­er they became fanat­ic. As Duterte’s state­ment“let’s begin heal­ing now” , have you moved on already from this elec­tion? If not so, I encour­age you to do so and let’s join and unite togeth­er as we are already in the peri­od of tran­si­tion.

Life is a big tran­si­tion. There would always be tran­si­tions in life. From being singe to get­ting mar­ried, from being a stu­dent to becom­ing a pro­fes­sion­al work­er. In every tran­si­tion, God reveals what is in our hearts.

How do you respond late­ly when you receive the news that your can­di­date is los­ing? That a new leader will be appoint­ed and you hate him? Tran­si­tion is dif­fi­cult. But noth­ing is impos­si­ble with faith. We must see what God is doing in our lives every tran­si­tion.

 As a nation, I want this to share to you how we can help to make our nation move for­ward.

1. Pray for our coun­try.

By pray­ing for our coun­try, And declar­ing bless­ings to it, we are mak­ing a move in nation build­ing. Prayers are pow­er­ful. Don’t curse the gov­ern­ment, don’t curse the peo­ple, there is pow­er in our words that some­times we are not aware of.

Then if my peo­ple who are called by my name will hum­ble them­selves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heav­en and will for­give their sins and restore their land.” — 2 Chron­i­cles 7:14 NLT

2. Love and be rec­on­ciled.

Now is the best time to restore bro­ken rela­tion­ships because of elec­tion. Stop being fanat­ic of your can­di­date and start to be rec­on­ciled with every­one. Jesus wants us to love one anoth­er.

3. Sub­mit and sup­port the new gov­ern­ment.

You are sub­mit­ting to the author­i­ties when you fol­low the law. But that’s only sub­mit­ting.

Sub­mit­ting and Sup­port­ing should co-exist, by sup­port­ing the new gov­ern­ment, you become an advo­cate of change. You are ready for change. Don’t be apa­thet­ic and pes­simistic, that will not help.

Con­se­quent­ly, who­ev­er rebels against the author­i­ty is rebelling against what God has insti­tut­ed, and those who do so will bring judg­ment on them­selves. For rulers hold no ter­ror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in author­i­ty? Then do what is right and you will be com­mend­ed.” — Romans 13:2–3 NIV

4. Make dis­ci­ples.

One of my vision for the coun­try is more and more fol­low­er of Christ will be involve in the gov­ern­ment. Chris­tians should take part of build­ing the nation. If there are God’s peo­ple in every depart­ment of gov­ern­ment, they will be the light on it, God will use them to bring His light to the gov­ern­ment.

That’s one of the rea­son why I am glad that Broth­er Eddie Vil­lanue­va had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to share the gospel to Duterte when he was still cam­paign­ing. The result? Duterte is now a fol­low­er of Christ, that’s the first time in my life I saw an emerg­ing leader to become a Chris­t­ian. God moves in mys­te­ri­ous ways.

We should not stop mak­ing dis­ci­ples as we are com­mis­sioned to do it.

When we sup­port the new gov­ern­ment, we become an advo­cate. Let’s take our part on this! Don’t be pes­simistic, rest assure that who­ev­er will be elect­ed, it was God’s cho­sen one. Kings and rulers may change but God is still seat­ed on His throne for­ev­er. Be con­fi­dent that God is always there.

He con­trols the course of world events; he removes kings and sets up oth­er kings. He gives wis­dom to the wise and knowl­edge to the schol­ars.” — Daniel 2:21

Change is already hap­pen­ing and it will begin from us!.