Discerning God’s Voice

Since the start of this year, I know this year will go to be a fruitful and productive one. I sought God and, submitted and aligned with Him all my goals and plans on how to achieve them throughout the year. Call me religious but it's my way of reminding myself that I...

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Does God Allow Me To Suffer?

Last weekend, a close friend from New Zealand just came. He invited us to his house for home bible study with a pastor sharing his journey in New Zealand as well. It was all good; I think the people who were with us ended giving their life to Christ afterward. Not...

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What Most Millennial Employees Need

There are so many factors why millennials are often leaving the workplace. Some even cannot stay longer in one company for several reasons. And millennials especially the younger ones are emotional at work. Pondering through my experiences as a millennial employee,...

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Rising Above Failure

It's been a few weeks then since the last time I wrote. It was great to be back in the habit again for some time after the holy week as we called it here in Manila. During the holy week, I have nothing to do but to read books, watch movies I've watched before, and...

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8 Habits of Highly Influential People

Have you ever wonder what it takes to be a highly influential person? Was it a gift from God or can it be learned? Do you know someone who is a highly influential person? I was blessed enough because even they are few, they are my friends and my mentors. There has...

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Dear Worry

Dear Worry, You know worry, you've been a part of my life for a long time now. You know my past and life is difficult, but you took advantage of it by telling me lies about my future. You said I could never make it that my problems are just too big. Worry, I admire...

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5 Rules To Follow After Your Graduation

The end of the semester is just around the corner again. I've been hearing graduation processional march songs being played all over again in my place since we live near a school. As I listen to the song, I remember the last time I walked on the stage to get my...

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Hi there! I hope this blog will chal­lenge you to grow, inspires to make a dif­fer­ence, and moti­vates you to grow and do some­thing mean­ing­ful with your life. 

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