The ABC’s of How to Adult

In my recent article on "How to Survive Every Month Financially" I was shocked that my article has gone viral. I checked the stats, and it garnered a total of 200,000+ views plus my email list grew by almost 300%. Wow, just wow. First, if you're one of the people who...

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How to Survive Every Month Financially

I remember the time when I was struggling to survive every month when I was a fresh graduate with my 10,000 pesos gross paycheck. My goodness, it was very difficult when your food was a pares and fishball in the center of Makati and KFC funshots almost every day....

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When God Closed Doors and Relationships

We are all relational beings longing to live with other people. We have friends that sometimes we unknowingly categorically them by the level of their significance in our lives; we have best friends, close friends, and new friends we cherished. We have our family...

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Keep Learning

Want to be young? Keep learning! Anyone who keeps on learning not only remains young but becomes consistently more valuable regardless of physical capacity. Albert Einstein once said, "Once you stop learning you start dying."  I like how he said it. It is true if you...

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Choose The Offensive Side

Have you ever experienced being a coward and not being able to move? I remember the first time I took my driving classes two years ago. I woke up everyday at 6 in the morning so that I'll be finished then before my regular working hours. As I approach the driver's...

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Keep Rowing The Boat

One day, there were three fishermen who went out to the sea to gather some fish to feed their families. Carried by a large boat in the middle of the sea, they began to spread their nets so they can catch fish. They waited for hours but it seems there were no fish that...

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I Have No Regrets

It was December 2015 in the evening when I finally decided to stop regretting about what happened in my life. I used to regret the decisions I've made, the actions I've taken but on that night, I knelt down in prayer and left everything to Jesus. A lot of people have...

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