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The Best Investment You Can Make

I see many young peo­ple out there who spend their mon­ey buy­ing stuff they don’t need, to impress the peo­ple they don’t even like. When they start mak­ing some mon­ey, they use to spend it on brand­ed clothes, cars and etc. I can even see new­ly grad­u­ates from uni­ver­si­ties, once they received their first salary, spend it buy­ing new phones and gad­gets, buy­ing Star­bucks cof­fee every­day, when they should be sav­ing it for their future.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I’m not forc­ing you to live below your means. To tell you hon­est­ly, In fact, I’m kind of a guy, “if you can buy it with­out tak­ing a loan, why not?”. Rather than say­ing “I will be able to buy it if I use my cred­it card”, ask “how can I afford it with­out owing the bank?”, “how can I afford it?”

In my ear­ly 20’s, I was one of those new­ly grads who spend all of my mon­ey with­out mind­ing sav­ing them for my future. Till I reach the point of being in debt because of the cred­it card.

That’s when I learned: “It’s not about how much mon­ey you can make, it’s also about how much you can keep.”

That’s when I start­ed to invest in myself. Many peo­ple today, ask­ing what is a good invest­ment? where can I invest my mon­ey? How can I start invest­ing in stocks? Some peo­ple join­ing MLM com­pa­nies, sell­ing prod­ucts they did­n’t want to do just to earn more mon­ey, why? just to spend more mon­ey.

Here’s the ques­tion, what is the best invest­ment you can make?

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Invest in your­self.

If you want to know where you’ll be in the next 5 to 10 years, take a look at 2 things in your life right now.

1) The books you’re read­ing.

Because books open your mind and shapes how you will think.

2) The friends you’re hang­ing out with.

Because bad friends cor­rupts good char­ac­ter. — 1 Corinthi­ans 15:33

Hang­out and spend time with the peo­ple you want to become.

Last Sat­ur­day, I went to ICON 2016, an annu­al con­fer­ence regard­ing mon­ey, invest­ments and eco­nom­ic updates in one whole day event. I get to know new speak­ers like Dodong Cacanan­do which could be my future boss if he did­n’t leave HP but now he is fruit­ful man­ag­ing his farm in Bukid­non. Here’s one I dis­cov­ered, the Deputy Gov­er­nor of Banko Sen­tral ng Pilip­inas is a Born Again Chris­t­ian!

The con­fer­ence was great! My expe­ri­ence? awe­some! I nev­er thought that a finance sem­i­nar could be a god­ly one because speak­ers always acknowl­edge God in their suc­cess­es, and some even give a ser­mon how to become a good stew­ard of God giv­en mon­ey. Dur­ing the sem­i­nar I am ask­ing God “Lord how to be like them?” but I know I should be ask­ing “Lord how to be like you?”

Every year, I invest in myself by attend­ing sem­i­nars and con­fer­ences. No, sem­i­nars are not relat­ed to my job skills because I don’t have any plans stay­ing in the cor­po­rate world for a long time.

Last week, I just gave my first speech in our Toast­mas­ters Club Inter­na­tion­al in Hewlett-Packard Enter­prise, I shared to the club some of the things that shaped the per­son I am today, I said books and the peo­ple that influ­enced me over time.

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And on June 11, we have our book launch and how to write a book sem­i­nar.

Per­haps, I will be end­ing this blog with a ques­tion for you. “Are you invest­ing in your­self?”

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