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Per­fec­tion is one thing I used to hate. I used to hate get­ting into details because I always look­ing into the big­ger pic­ture, I used to hate the fact when some­one approach­es me and tell me that my work is lack­ing despite I did all the things I could do because I did­n’t see this and all of that and gave me a ser­mon all through­out.

Where was I com­ing from? I’m com­ing from my dom­i­nant self who wants to do the job as pos­si­ble. Noth­ing to brag about but being I’ve been a per­former as an employ­ee not because my work is per­fect, but with my desire and eager­ness to fin­ish my job ahead of the dead­line, but it’s not always the case. Hehe.

Today I want to share some of my per­son­al reflec­tions. As I was read­ing my Bible this morn­ing, a verse from the Scrip­tures hit me hard. It says, “Be ye per­fect, as your Father in heav­en is per­fect.”

Ohh, wait a minute. There’s no per­fect per­son except the Per­son of Jesus Christ. Then how can some­one like me and you to be per­fect? Well, I know some Chris­tians will tell me, “Dhenn it is by the grace of God!” But what is grace for an ordi­nary per­son? How does it work?

I also find a few good peo­ple seems to think about our Lord’s words, “be per­fect” as sort of, “Unless you are per­fect, I will not come to help you.” In that case, we are mere mor­tals and our posi­tion in God is for­ev­er hope­less.


I Surrender, I Will Yield

5 years ago, it was Sun­day evening when I fell on my knees inside my room because God was there. I felt Him, I was trem­bling in fear, I was cry­ing for help.

I sur­ren­der!” I exclaimed. If you have Chris­t­ian friends, they often tell you, “Sur­ren­der your life to Jesus.” But what does it mean?

Sur­ren­der­ing to the lord­ship of Christ often means sur­ren­der­ing all of your life, includ­ing your rela­tion­ships, pos­ses­sions, desires, and dreams. But that does­n’t mean He wants all of that, He does­n’t need that because He wants only you, noth­ing less.

Our Lord is not a kill joy Mas­ter. He gave us the free will to do every­thing we want. But I found some­thing more pro­found in this area of sur­ren­der.


He will come to help us to be perfect

I think the moment Jesus ordered us to be per­fect, he does­n’t want us to be per­fect as in now na.

It’s impos­si­ble for a mere mor­tal dri­ven by fear, greed, self­ish­ness, hope­less­ness, and pity.

Like oth­er reli­gious world­views, we have today and even some “so-called” Chris­tians are teach­ing self-denial, emp­ty­ing your­self, pos­i­tive psy­chol­o­gy, but I think all of that is good but can­not give an ever­last­ing peace with­in us.

You may find your­self doing sort of cer­e­monies and rit­u­als, and reli­gious wor­ship but you may find your inner-self is start­ing to get angry and angri­er each day like a pris­on­er want­ed to get out of the jail because you think you don’t deserve it. You want to be good to please oth­er peo­ple. Woe to you if it hap­pened to you. A crim­i­nal is much clos­er to God than you.

What Jesus meant by that, I think is like this: “If you sur­ren­der and let me in, the only help I can give you is to help you to become per­fect. You may want to improve your patience, you may want to be good to oth­ers, you may want to live a good life or only heal­ing from the sins you were ashamed of but I will give you noth­ing less.”

Okay, let me explain in a more vivid way.


A Dental Procedure

When I was a child, I used to love can­dies. As a result, I often had a toothache. When I grew up, my teeth was­n’t that per­fect­ly align. I look ugly every time I smile, so in order for me to hide that ugly smile, you might often see my old pic­tures hav­ing a seri­ous face.

That’s when my mom asked me to inquire for braces. A piece of mate­r­i­al that can align my teeth per­fect­ly for a short­er amount of time.

The time my den­tist put on the braces, err it was painful. She then she gave me pain reliev­ers to ease it. But she does­n’t stop there. She told me to vis­it her every month to clean my teeth and check it often to make sure the each tooth is mov­ing.

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God is like a den­tist if we let Him in. If my den­tist only stopped after putting on the braces to my teeth, prob­a­bly noth­ing will ever change. The change only hap­pens the time I allowed her to cure me, to let her fol­low me up and vis­it her often.

I think God oper­ates us like a den­tist also. Per­haps an archi­tect, engi­neer, a soft­ware devel­op­er, a sales man, a project man­ag­er, etc. In which these jobs don’t stop until their build­ings, soft­ware or prod­uct meet its per­fect con­di­tion. Like God, He does­n’t stop until He sees you as per­fect and blame­less ONLY THEN IF YOU SURRENDER AND LET HIM INTO YOUR LIFE.


The Cost

Wait a minute there is a cost? Yes. The den­tal pro­ce­dure has a cost, build­ing a struc­ture has a cost. And of course being per­fect has a cost as well.

Jesus warned peo­ple to count the cost before let­ting Him into their lives. In my view of think­ing, I think if I were Jesus, I would say, “Make no mis­takes, if you let me in, I will make you per­fect.”

So what is the cost? Well here’s what I think the cost. I think Jesus meant this way, “Well you have the free­dom to push me away and I will nev­er change you but if you let me do so, I will make you per­fect though it will make you suf­fer that may cost your life, I will puri­fy you from your sins and it may cost you after death. I will make your heart per­fect, though it may cost you many heartaches. What­ev­er it cost, I will nev­er rest, I will nev­er stop nor let you rest, until you are lit­er­al­ly per­fect, until my Father can say with­out any doubts and reser­va­tion that He is well pleased with you.”

But of course, it is not going to be an instant because I believe that per­fec­tion is pro­gres­sion.


Mold Me

I think the first step of being made into per­fec­tion is allow­ing the per­son of Jesus Christ to shape you.

I’ve been hear­ing a bunch of quotes and say­ings that was intend­ed to moti­vate oth­ers by mere­ly say­ing “You are per­fect­ly made by God.” Well, while noth­ing’s bad about it but for me, it’s just an attempt of feed­ing one’s pride­ful heart.

In the Bible, no one is made per­fect except Christ. Well, Adam and Eve were made per­fect because they are made in the image of God but after they have sinned, the future of all human­i­ty after them was­n’t made in the image of God any­more. All of us and the entire next gen­er­a­tion were made in the image of Adam and Eve, taint­ed by sin.

That’s why you and I can­not claim that we are cre­at­ed in the image of God. We and the rest of human­i­ty were made by Adam and Eve. We don’t pos­sess the same will and inter­est that God has. We maybe “look like” God but not total­ly like God because His image is holy, per­fect, and blame­less.

Now, how God can bring us back to our orig­i­nal image just ask like the image of the Son of God? Through Jesus Christ. Like what I pre­vi­ous­ly said, it takes the Per­son of Christ to mold us back to our orig­i­nal image. But that won’t hap­pen until we allow Him to do it.

For exam­ple, I am your friend. Of course, because I am your friend, you allowed me to a cer­tain degree to have a share in your life. Per­haps you can allow me to meet your fam­i­ly, you can open up to me or share sto­ries you’ve nev­er told to oth­ers. Would you do that to a stranger? Or an acquain­tance? Or a fan? Of course not. That’s why Jesus wants to have a rela­tion­ship with you first. He wants you to trust him ful­ly.

And if you trust him com­plete­ly. Then He will start to mold you. It’s like a gold bar being bent, ham­mered and shape into one’s desired out­put. It’s going to be painful at some point but it’s def­i­nite­ly worth it.

Just imag­ine the pain of hav­ing your braces, you trust your den­tist that she will do every­thing to make your teeth per­fect. But of course, it will be painful. Some­times it’s hard to eat.

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Use Me

God rarely uses peo­ple who do not allow Him to mold them first. Of course, God can use you any­time, but God often uses peo­ple dur­ing while He molds them.

It’s like He is test­ing you. “How long will my child put his trust on me? Let me use him for a lit­tle mis­sion I have for him.”

I remem­ber the time when I want­ed to go to mis­sions. That did­n’t hap­pen very quick­ly. God used me first to give to the mis­sions. When I say give, not only my time to pray, my time to help mis­sion­ar­ies but also to sup­port them finan­cial­ly.

I don’t know about you. But God for sure wants to use you while He is in the process of mold­ing you. Mold­ing you is not an easy process, it takes your entire life.

You may want to skip this part and may say “God can still mold me and use some­body. ” Alright fine, but with­out allow­ing Him to use you for His pur­pose, you will nev­er be per­fect.

Of course, send­ing comes next.


Send Me

God won’t send you if He sees it is not yet good for you. C.S Lewis once said, “God keeps no one wait­ing unless He sees that it is good for him.”

I think God rarely sends peo­ple with­out a weapon, to begin with. He makes sure that the per­son he called was ready, and he was ensur­ing it through the process of mold­ing and using him at the same time.

When was the last time your boss or col­leagues treat you bad­ly? How did you respond to them?

When was the last time you serve oth­ers, do you serve because you want your lead­ers to see you that are serv­ing or they have just told you to serve and you want them to be proud of you, or you want peo­ple to rec­og­nize that you have a good voice and a clever mind, or you serve because you only want to help them car­ry­ing out the task?

That’s where God will eval­u­ate your heart. I think if He is kind of a sort like me who have a check­list, He will have a heart-readi­ness check­list.

Send­ing is one of the most excit­ing parts that God has for you and me. As they said, it is life chang­ing. Yes, def­i­nite­ly! You’ll see more the heart of God not for your church only, not for your fam­i­ly only but His heart for all human­i­ty.

Imag­ine a God who restrained Him­self in one plan­et. Of all the plan­ets in the uni­verse, why on us? Per­haps there maybe anoth­er liv­ing species out­side our uni­verse, who knows? The Bible only tells about how the earth begins and how it will end glo­ri­ous­ly.

A God who restrained Him­self to us, humans that He gave so much impor­tant than any­thing else.

Why is He doing that? It is because…


For His Glory

In the begin­ning was God. Every­thing He cre­at­ed was for Him. If that’s the case then prob­a­bly our God is a sort of lunatic and sort of a self­ish child­ish god who cre­at­ed us so that He has a toy to play with.

Of course, that was not the case. Imag­ine our Lord as an artist. We are His mas­ter­piece and He was so obsessed with it and He will do every­thing to make us per­fect and will wait on us until we become like lit­tle Christ.He cre­at­ed us for His own plea­sure.

And no lie was found in their mouth, they are blame­less.” Rev­e­la­tion 14:15

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