"Real men don't kiss a girl unless the minister allowed him to do it so, well, of course, it will be on his wedding day."

I remember it was mentioned by one of our pastors during our singles getaway 2 years ago. He said:

It's when the minister declared "you may kiss the bride". And that's the right time, you know why? Because a man is now taking the responsibility of the husband.


Photo from Flickr.com by Roberto Trombetta


Marriage is sacred. It is divine. When a man can wait for the right time, he proves that a woman is worth the wait and a treasure to be taken care of.

But when a man cannot wait, ladies beware, he doesn't know your worth or maybe, he only wants something from you.

Men, let's be clear with this. It is not less of being a man when we are able to wait and fight for something worthy of our lifetime.

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