Last Sunday, we watched "100 Tula Para Kay Stella". Yes third-wheel ulit ako though I can watch movies alone. I don't watch romantic movies cause I watch movies unless it will pick my interest to do so. But this time, I am determined to watch a local indie movie. I love indies! It depicts the reality of life. I love the plot, I love the story of a young man who fell in love with a young woman and wrote poems for her.

I can relate somehow as a certified introvert and a torpe before, I remember when I was in high school, I wrote a lot of letters for my crush in a piece of a notebook. And then I wrote everything about her on it. From poems to love letters. I know you want to know what happened and to cut the long story short, I failed to give the notebook to her because I found out she has a boyfriend already. Hahaha. The notebook? I burned that already.

So while watching the movie, I wrote as much as possible lessons that I learned from it. I believe not only in a relationship, we can apply these in our daily lives.

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1. Tell it upfront.

For men, when you like someone, first pray about it then tell her when you're ready to commit not when you're lonely.

I like how Fidel wrote poems for her. He invested his emotions to Stella by fantasizing about her and wrote it in a poem. But he failed to tell her when in fact they have been together for so many times. He got the chance to tell her when Stella has married to other man and pregnant already, how devastating. If he could have told her early, it might be a happy ending.

Kaya ikaw brad, pag ready ka na sabihin mo na! Women will tell you if they don't like you by rejecting you. If they don't like you, assess yourself. Would you still like her despite the rejection? Then try again after some time, if not, stay away and move on. If you're worried if you will still be friends after that? Most likely it depends on your decision and her decision. But according to what I have experienced, it's possible but closeness to each other will take time to rebuild.

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Just like in our daily lives, we Filipinos are man pleasers by nature. We fear rejection, we don't like the feeling of hurting someone, we want to be at peace with everyone. But it's not good most of the time when our friend is doing something wrong. Show care to them by telling them what it is.

In our careers, most managers today encourage open doors. Tell all your concerns and complaints. Share your career aspirations so they know how can they help you.

In everything, try to tell it up front. It is better to be clear so there will be no room for misunderstanding.


2. Have a deeper purpose in all that you will do.

Pursuing what you love while you are studying is not bad if you know how to manage your priorities.

I like how Fidel focused on his studies. He wanted to finish college. He did not allow any other circumstances to stop him from finishing it.  He knows its purpose.

Unlike Stella who was a stubborn lady. All she wants is her dreams. To be famous, to perform in front of a large crowd, being applauded by many people. But for what? I observed that she lacks a deeper sense of her purpose.

It is important to have a purpose in your life. Why do you do what you do? It is better to know your "why" first. What I mean, the deeper purpose for your existence. A purpose that will give you a mission and vision bigger than yourself.



3.  You need friends in your darkest nights.

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You need friends whom you will turn to when everything goes wrong. I experienced the time when I was young that I don't have friends to turn to. I felt alone, I felt no one loves me.

But thank God, He never let me be alone. Choose the people whom you want to be associated with. They will make or break you. Bad company corrupts good character. You become the average of the five people you spend time with.


4. A lost opportunity is a lost opportunity.

"Sayang!" When we lost an opportunity we often exclaimed this. But a lost is a lost. But instead of regretting it, grab it next time.


5. Don't be a social climber who uses people to their own advantage to achieve your dreams.

Stella uses people to her own advantage. She entered a relationship with some men as a step towards fulfillment of her dreams.

Don't be a social climber. Don't be user-friendly. If you want to achieve your dreams, have genuine relationships with people who have the same interest and dreams as yours, who will help you and you will help as well. Be self-less serve them.


6. Don't let your dreams become your purpose for your existence.

Stella's purpose for her existence is her dreams of becoming a famous singer. How sad to know that she wasn't able to achieve her dreams.

It's okay to have dreams but don't make it your world. Focusing too much on it will lead you to a frustrated life. Enjoy life, enjoy the journey.


7. Sometimes you don't have to be desperate for an opportunity. Be ready. As opportunity comes not to those who seek it but those who are ready for it.

Fidel doesn't have plans to become a singer, but one of his classmates discovered that he has a talent for singing. Then he started to have gigs with his band.

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Don't be desperate. If it's meant for you, it's for you.


8. Don't make someone becomes your world.

Fidel revolves his life around Stella. He made her his world. I remember what he said to Stella: "Corny man sabihin, pero ikaw ang mundo ko."

To be honest, in the past, I made someone to be my world. Devastating experience. From there on, I learned not to make someone my world. Because in the end, a person can love you or will be there as long as they can but cannot be with you forever.

That's where I learn to make Jesus my world. Everything I do revolves around him. He is the reason for my existence. He was there before I was born. He knows a lot about myself more than I know myself. He loves me more than any other person in this world by giving up His life for me.

To end this blog, I want to leave you one of the best lines from the movie:

This is true in some ways. Ang nakakatuluyan natin is yung taong gusto ni Lord para sa atin.

Have you watched the movie already? Share in the comments what you have learned as well! If you haven't watched, this is the last day, you must watch it!

Till next time.

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