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Last Sun­day, we watched “100 Tula Para Kay Stel­la”. Yes third-wheel ulit ako though I can watch movies alone. I don’t watch roman­tic movies cause I watch movies unless it will pick my inter­est to do so. But this time, I am deter­mined to watch a local indie movie. I love indies! It depicts the real­i­ty of life. I love the plot, I love the sto­ry of a young man who fell in love with a young woman and wrote poems for her.

I can relate some­how as a cer­ti­fied intro­vert and a tor­pe before, I remem­ber when I was in high school, I wrote a lot of let­ters for my crush in a piece of a note­book. And then I wrote every­thing about her on it. From poems to love let­ters. I know you want to know what hap­pened and to cut the long sto­ry short, I failed to give the note­book to her because I found out she has a boyfriend already. Haha­ha. The note­book? I burned that already.

So while watch­ing the movie, I wrote as much as pos­si­ble lessons that I learned from it. I believe not only in a rela­tion­ship, we can apply these in our dai­ly lives.

Dis­claimer: Images are not mine. If you own any of these don’t hes­i­tate to email me and will give the right­ful own­er­ship to you.


1. Tell it upfront.

For men, when you like some­one, first pray about it then tell her when you’re ready to com­mit not when you’re lone­ly.

I like how Fidel wrote poems for her. He invest­ed his emo­tions to Stel­la by fan­ta­siz­ing about her and wrote it in a poem. But he failed to tell her when in fact they have been togeth­er for so many times. He got the chance to tell her when Stel­la has mar­ried to oth­er man and preg­nant already, how dev­as­tat­ing. If he could have told her ear­ly, it might be a hap­py end­ing.

Kaya ikaw brad, pag ready ka na sabi­hin mo na! Women will tell you if they don’t like you by reject­ing you. If they don’t like you, assess your­self. Would you still like her despite the rejec­tion? Then try again after some time, if not, stay away and move on. If you’re wor­ried if you will still be friends after that? Most like­ly it depends on your deci­sion and her deci­sion. But accord­ing to what I have expe­ri­enced, it’s pos­si­ble but close­ness to each oth­er will take time to rebuild.

Just like in our dai­ly lives, we Fil­ipinos are man pleasers by nature. We fear rejec­tion, we don’t like the feel­ing of hurt­ing some­one, we want to be at peace with every­one. But it’s not good most of the time when our friend is doing some­thing wrong. Show care to them by telling them what it is.

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In our careers, most man­agers today encour­age open doors. Tell all your con­cerns and com­plaints. Share your career aspi­ra­tions so they know how can they help you.

In every­thing, try to tell it up front. It is bet­ter to be clear so there will be no room for mis­un­der­stand­ing.


2. Have a deep­er pur­pose in all that you will do.

Pur­su­ing what you love while you are study­ing is not bad if you know how to man­age your pri­or­i­ties.

I like how Fidel focused on his stud­ies. He want­ed to fin­ish col­lege. He did not allow any oth­er cir­cum­stances to stop him from fin­ish­ing it.  He knows its pur­pose.

Unlike Stel­la who was a stub­born lady. All she wants is her dreams. To be famous, to per­form in front of a large crowd, being applaud­ed by many peo­ple. But for what? I observed that she lacks a deep­er sense of her pur­pose.

It is impor­tant to have a pur­pose in your life. Why do you do what you do? It is bet­ter to know your “why” first. What I mean, the deep­er pur­pose for your exis­tence. A pur­pose that will give you a mis­sion and vision big­ger than your­self.



3.  You need friends in your dark­est nights.

You need friends whom you will turn to when every­thing goes wrong. I expe­ri­enced the time when I was young that I don’t have friends to turn to. I felt alone, I felt no one loves me.

But thank God, He nev­er let me be alone. Choose the peo­ple whom you want to be asso­ci­at­ed with. They will make or break you. Bad com­pa­ny cor­rupts good char­ac­ter. You become the aver­age of the five peo­ple you spend time with.


4. A lost oppor­tu­ni­ty is a lost oppor­tu­ni­ty.

Sayang!” When we lost an oppor­tu­ni­ty we often exclaimed this. But a lost is a lost. But instead of regret­ting it, grab it next time.


5. Don’t be a social climber who uses peo­ple to their own advan­tage to achieve your dreams.

Stel­la uses peo­ple to her own advan­tage. She entered a rela­tion­ship with some men as a step towards ful­fill­ment of her dreams.

Don’t be a social climber. Don’t be user-friend­ly. If you want to achieve your dreams, have gen­uine rela­tion­ships with peo­ple who have the same inter­est and dreams as yours, who will help you and you will help as well. Be self-less serve them.


6. Don’t let your dreams become your pur­pose for your exis­tence.

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Stel­la’s pur­pose for her exis­tence is her dreams of becom­ing a famous singer. How sad to know that she was­n’t able to achieve her dreams.

It’s okay to have dreams but don’t make it your world. Focus­ing too much on it will lead you to a frus­trat­ed life. Enjoy life, enjoy the jour­ney.


7. Some­times you don’t have to be des­per­ate for an oppor­tu­ni­ty. Be ready. As oppor­tu­ni­ty comes not to those who seek it but those who are ready for it.

Fidel does­n’t have plans to become a singer, but one of his class­mates dis­cov­ered that he has a tal­ent for singing. Then he start­ed to have gigs with his band.

Don’t be des­per­ate. If it’s meant for you, it’s for you.


8. Don’t make some­one becomes your world.

Fidel revolves his life around Stel­la. He made her his world. I remem­ber what he said to Stel­la: “Corny man sabi­hin, pero ikaw ang mun­do ko.”

To be hon­est, in the past, I made some­one to be my world. Dev­as­tat­ing expe­ri­ence. From there on, I learned not to make some­one my world. Because in the end, a per­son can love you or will be there as long as they can but can­not be with you for­ev­er.

That’s where I learn to make Jesus my world. Every­thing I do revolves around him. He is the rea­son for my exis­tence. He was there before I was born. He knows a lot about myself more than I know myself. He loves me more than any oth­er per­son in this world by giv­ing up His life for me.

To end this blog, I want to leave you one of the best lines from the movie:

This is true in some ways. Ang nakakat­u­luyan natin is yung taong gus­to ni Lord para sa atin.

Have you watched the movie already? Share in the com­ments what you have learned as well! If you haven’t watched, this is the last day, you must watch it!

Till next time.

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