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Have you ever wonder what it takes to be a highly influential person? Was it a gift from God or can it be learned?

Do you know some­one who is a high­ly influ­en­tial per­son? I was blessed enough because even they are few, they are my friends and my men­tors. There has nev­er been in the sea­son of my life that I seek guid­ance and help from them a lot.

What does it mean to be a high­ly influ­en­tial per­son? They are the kind of per­son who is able to influ­ence oth­er peo­ple to think or behave or change the way they think. Being influ­en­tial does­n’t need you to be a title hold­er or hav­ing a high posi­tion or even gen­der pref­er­ences. Lead­er­ship is far from that.

I remem­ber when I was 13 years old, I was still attend­ing a Sun­day School at that time. Yes, you read it right — Sun­day School. Since our church was too small, we are togeth­er with the pre-school­ers and kids and was hav­ing fun col­or­ing the mate­ri­als as we wait for our par­ents to fin­ish the ser­vice. It was ear­ly in the morn­ing when the pas­tor greet­ed me. And as he deliv­ers his ser­mon for the day, a thought sud­den­ly came out from my mind “some­day I want to be like him.”

12 years after I did­n’t become like one. Prob­a­bly it was not the job God has called me to do, or it is not yet ful­filled, but I’m still thank­ful that He gave me a glimpse of what it is to become a pas­tor by allow­ing me to be part of mis­sion trips. And mis­sion trips opened my eyes to the real sit­u­a­tion of peo­ple in oth­er nations who do not know Christ yet.

Before mak­ing this whole arti­cle about my life, let me go back to where it should be. Do you want to become a high­ly influ­en­tial per­son? Did you know that even you are an intro­vert per­son like me, you can influ­ence oth­er peo­ple? Yes, you can, by prac­tic­ing these 8 habits that I’ve learned from high­ly influ­en­tial peo­ple whom I know.

1. Follow first then lead second.

Our par­ents were told that it is impor­tant to fol­low first. No won­der Gen X’ers are good man­agers.

In today’s gen­er­a­tion or as we call it The Mil­lenial Gen­er­a­tion, they told us all to become lead­ers. This is when lead­er­ship becomes over-glo­ri­fied, every­one wants to be a per­son of influ­ence, every­one wants to be heard, every­one wants to sug­gest when in fact not every­one wants to fol­low first, and it would be real­ly inef­fec­tive.

You must start at the bot­tom as they said. In oth­er words, how will you be able to know what might help some­one, and how you will be able to lead some­one if you don’t know the answer?

Lead­ers lead and learn from oth­ers. The great­est lead­ers are learn­ers. 

I am a mil­len­ni­al too and I learned it the hard way. There are times I com­plain a lot and pitied myself as I was on the bot­tom lev­el. I became enti­tled because of what I know, but lat­er I real­ized that it does­n’t mat­ter how much you know, there’s still a lot of things to learn. Learn to fol­low first, learn all the things you need to learn, and when you are ready, take the lead! Isn’t it what Jesus taught to us? Fol­low him first so that we will know exact­ly where we should lead oth­ers — to Him!

2. Be Willing.

God does­n’t use the edu­cat­ed, qual­i­fied, or even the most gift­ed or tal­ent­ed indi­vid­ual. He uses peo­ple who are will­ing to be used. The Apos­tles were not edu­cat­ed, they don’t even have the degree in the­ol­o­gy and depth knowl­edge of it, yet they have led and plant­ed many church­es that expe­dite the spread of the gospel all through­out the world.

Let’s take a look at what we have right now. We have bil­lion­aires, and peo­ple of influ­ence who were col­lege drop-outs. Inven­tors and inno­va­tors whom once been ridiculed by the impos­si­bil­i­ty of their dreams and yet, their inven­tions today were high­ly applaud­ed.

This reminds me of 1 Corinthi­ans 1:28 “God chose the low­ly things of this world and the despised things–and the things that are not–to nul­li­fy the things that are,”

God does­n’t call the qual­i­fied, he qual­i­fies the called. And he is invit­ing you to be part of the great things He’s doing. God is at work every­where and even your strug­gles today, He can use that to influ­ence oth­ers through you!

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I have a friend and a men­tor, Kuya Mar­lon, he’s a moti­va­tion­al speak­er and every time he shares with us the jour­ney of his life and how God uses him to reach out to the next gen­er­a­tion, it com­pels us to do the same. He’s one of the peo­ple whose will­ing to be used by God and does­n’t want to miss out what God has in store for him.

Now here’s the ques­tion, will you choose to be used by God for great things and become a per­son of influ­ence, or will you choose to pass and per­haps miss out what God has in store for you? If you say no, God can always choose some­one over you. We have only lim­it­ed time on earth, the author of the Proverbs knew how it is impor­tant to num­ber our days. Don’t miss out what God has in store for you. Be will­ing to be used, your life is not yours, it belongs to Him.

3. Be an Example.

Prac­tice what you preach as they said. Peo­ple of influ­ence live their lives as an exam­ple of how to live. They aren’t try­ing to con­vince peo­ple to fol­low them. Peo­ple can smell from afar whether you are telling the truth about your­self or not.

Here’s what I learned, peo­ple of influ­ence does­n’t shy away from shar­ing this mis­takes and fail­ures in life, they are proud of it and because of it, peo­ple can relate to them. They just do what they do and oth­ers want to be part of it.

Jesus is the best exam­ple for this, he nev­er tried to per­suade peo­ple from fol­low­ing him. He did­n’t per­form the mir­a­cle to win their hearts. He lives his mis­sion, and peo­ple fol­low him because of it.

1 Tim­o­thy 4:12b says, “…set an exam­ple for the believ­ers in speech, in con­duct, in love, in faith, and in puri­ty.”

No one will fol­low you down a path that you’re not will­ing to walk down to your­self. Walk the talk! Live it out unapolo­get­i­cal­ly and watch how your influ­ence will grow.

4. Live what you believe.

If you say you’re a Chris­t­ian then live like a Chris­t­ian and act like a Chris­t­ian. Don’t be a hyp­ocrite, don’t give a rea­son for oth­ers to doubt what you believe by the way you live.

When you talk about love and for­give­ness, don’t go hat­ing and judg­ing oth­ers. At the same way when you talk about pro­fes­sion­al excel­lence, don’t be late for your meet­ings and pre­sen­ta­tions.

No one wants to fol­low some­one who says or believes one thing but acts anoth­er. In Jesus’s time, the Phar­isees are the hyp­ocrites the Bible is telling about and even Jesus warned us to fol­low what they said, but not fol­low what they are doing.

Don’t let hypocrisy kills your influ­ence. Be a man of integri­ty and char­ac­ter.

5. Be Confident.

This is one of the most I strug­gled with, I’m glad I over­came it. When you don’t know your true iden­ti­ty, you’re going to find it in many places. And if you are inse­cure, there will be chances that you will miss a lot of oppor­tu­ni­ties God has in store for you.

This reminds me of the sto­ry of Moses when God called him to freed Israel from the slav­ery in Egypt. Moses was so inse­cure that he repeat­ed­ly argued before God and even request­ed to use some­one else. “Who am I that I should go to Pharoah?” Moses said. Then God con­tin­u­al­ly affirm­ing who he is and how impor­tant his role for the redemp­tion of Israelites.

If God was not patient enough, Moses might have missed this crazy call­ing and oppor­tu­ni­ties offered before him. Peo­ple of influ­ence don’t doubt them­selves, or God for that mat­ter. Did­n’t He said that He’s the one who cre­at­ed us? That you are won­der­ful­ly and fear­ful­ly made? That He care­ful­ly mold you and knit­ted you in your moth­er’s womb?

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Be con­fi­dent in who God made you to be, and know that He always can and will use you for greater glo­ry, only if you let Him do it.

6. Have Passion.

Influ­en­tial peo­ple are pas­sion­ate about some­thing. It’s their pas­sion that inspires oth­ers to join them. Though pas­sion is not enough, high­ly influ­en­tial peo­ple knows their pur­pose. They know why they do what they are doing.

Some of the influ­en­tial peo­ple we know dri­ve for change. Mar­tin Luther King Jr, Win­ston Churchill and their abil­i­ty to tell peo­ple about their pas­sion makes them influ­en­tial.

What are you pas­sion­ate about? Let that pas­sion leads you to become an influ­en­tial per­son.

Colos­sians 3:23 sug­gest­ed, “What­ev­er you do [what­ev­er your task may be], work from the soul [that is, put in your very best effort], as [some­thing done] for the Lord and not for men.”

  • Work from the soul
  • Put your best effort
  • Do it not for men.

7. Act on your beliefs.

When the armies of Israelites were afraid because of Goliath, that’s when David stepped up to fight. He did­n’t care even he was untrained or not, his pas­sion and zeal for God con­vince him enough to fight the giant in front of him.

David act­ed on what he believe, influ­en­tial peo­ple does it too. They don’t just there talk­ing about what they believe in front of the peo­ple, they go and get things done. They work hard for it.

Whether it could be stand­ing in your faith, or stand­ing up against some­thing, or help­ing some­one. Act on what you believe even when oth­ers make fun of it. The world needs peo­ple who are authen­tic and liv­ing with their mis­sion, and not just anoth­er face in the crowd.

And final­ly,

8. Connect with others.

Peo­ple will for­get what you said but they will not for­get how you treat them. They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

High­ly influ­en­tial peo­ple con­nect with oth­ers. They make sure to con­nect to even one per­son in the crowd. I’m a big fan of per­son­al devel­op­ment and make sure to know what things I need to improve on and learn from it.

Every Sun­day, I am teach­ing kids in Sun­day School, I learned that some of the kids don’t lis­ten to you unless you show to them you care for them. Oth­er peo­ple might mis­tak­en­ly define your influ­ence as expo­sure. For me, it does­n’t mat­ter how much peo­ple will see you, they might get to know you but if you are not able to con­nect with them, they will not fol­low you.

Here’s the thing: we might impress peo­ple with our achieve­ments and strengths, but we can only be able to con­nect with peo­ple through our weak­ness­es. 

Influ­en­tial peo­ple con­nect with oth­ers on a very deep lev­el. Let’s take a look at Jesus. What he does on earth was all about con­nect­ing with oth­er peo­ple and get­ting involved in their lives. In that way, peo­ple knew He cared.

If you want your influ­ence to be strong enough, you need to build strong rela­tion­ships with oth­ers.


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