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5 Ways on How Not to follow your dreams

Yes­ter­day while I was scrolling through my Face­book news feed, I stum­bled on a video clip that came from a movie showed already some few years back then but it was an eye open­er for me (to watch the video click here). In the mid­dle part of the video clip was ask­ing a ques­tion “How much did they pay you to give up on your dreams?. 

I was stun for a moment, I remem­ber myself 6 years ago when was the time that I was so excit­ed to land a job just to earn a few thou­sands just to pay my bills and save noth­ing! It was my dream to be a pro­gram­mer and then start my own soft­ware com­pa­ny but it did­n’t hap­pen. And so I trad­ed my dreams for a sta­ble income that gave me a small amount of mon­ey every month, that after a few months, I almost drag myself going to office because I did­n’t like what I was doing back then.

After a few years, I am still work­ing in a cor­po­rate office as a devel­op­er. I have reached already my dreams to become a pro­gram­mer and at some point in time, I real­ize this is not the kind of job that I want to do for the rest of my life. Time has changed, my dreams has changed. My goal now is to have my own busi­ness, to become an entre­pre­neur, to author books and to inspire peo­ple.

We all have the dreams. But some­times, we gave up on it. So many of us give up that some­thing which  sup­posed to be the most impor­tant part of our life­time. Today, I am shar­ing to you the 5 ways that I’ve learned from dif­fer­ent books, talks and sem­i­nars on how not to fol­low our dreams.

1. Believe in overnight suc­cess.

Success is an iceberg

Many peo­ple believe in overnight suc­cess. Many peo­ple spend their life­time join­ing ille­gal com­pa­nies that promis­es guar­an­teed returns if they invest mon­ey on their busi­ness, some even destroy their rela­tion­ships for the sake of mon­ey. Face­book founder Mark Zucker­berg became suc­cess­ful not because he devel­oped a social net­work site overnight that became viral and use­ful for many peo­ple but he spend almost his time study­ing pro­gram­ming, devel­op­ing con­cepts and increas­ing his knowl­edge. The same applies for the peo­ple who are in the exec­u­tive lev­el of a com­pa­ny,  they are not just there because of office pol­i­tics that pave their way to the top or they spend 24 hours work­ing hard instead they reached that lev­el because they spend a lot of time study­ing, tak­ing mas­ter’s degree and some even doc­tor­al degree in order to become suc­cess­ful in their field.

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It has been said that suc­cess is like an ice­berg and most peo­ple only see what’s only on the top.

2. Obey­ing your fears.

Some­times, we take the coun­sel of our fears. “What if I failed?, I’m not an Eng­lish expert, what if gram­mar Naz­i’s will laugh at me?, what if they did­n’t like it?”. By obey­ing our fears, we are declar­ing to our­selves that we are already defeat­ed. I often got a low score on my Eng­lish class, I can’t even speak in Eng­lish direct­ly before. I don’t even read books and I nev­er knew that I have a gift of writ­ing.

I start­ed fac­ing my fears when I start­ed writ­ing my first book. After months of painstak­ing hard work and per­se­ver­ance and a lot of prayers I was able to pub­lish it online and sell it on Ama­zon. You can see it on “Books” sec­tion of my web­site. I am not yet close to the suc­cess I want , I am not yet there but I would nev­er give up and so I would do more and study more to achieve that suc­cess.

3. Blam­ing oth­ers.

I’m a con­stant com­plain­er and blamer as well before. I blame the gov­ern­ment and oth­er peo­ple when­ev­er I fail. I learned that if peo­ple reject­ed you it’s because they don’t under­stand your mis­sion and vision even you have the best idea in mind. Don’t blame some­one else. If peo­ple don’t buy to you, per­haps it’s time to change your plans, change your strat­e­gy, change the way you look into the sit­u­a­tion, change the approach or even change all of them that you think did­n’t work out. Do not wait for a wish­ing star that will fall from the sky to grant your wish­es because there is no such thing. You want to achieve your dreams? Start pack­ing up your things, you are the only per­son respon­si­ble to make them hap­pen.

4. Cre­at­ing and fol­low­ing your excus­es.

One of the cul­prits of killing our dreams is fol­low­ing our excus­es. “I don’t know how to write, I am not con­fi­dent enough, I don’t know how to speak, I don’t have the resources, I don’t have time, I don’t have the mon­ey” and so many many rea­sons we can think of.  Cre­at­ing excus­es and fol­low­ing them was one of my great­est obsta­cles. I allowed the cir­cum­stances to rule out my deci­sions. In order to over­come this atti­tude, I must sub­mit myself to God, stop enter­tain­ing neg­a­tive thoughts and start renew­ing my mind.

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Do not con­form to the pat­tern of this world, but be trans­formed by the renew­ing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleas­ing and per­fect will.” — Romans 12:2

And last­ly,

5. Valu­ing the dream and noth­ing else.

I have friends who loves to trav­el and climb moun­tains, I love it too! Every hike, it is a hard hike, you’ll get tired and need to keep mov­ing. After spend­ing a few hours of hik­ing on the trail and final­ly arrived on the top of the moun­tain, usu­al­ly there will be a cel­e­bra­tion and after a few min­utes, it’s time to go down. Sounds ridicu­lous right? That after all, you’ll just spend a few min­utes at the top and that’s the real­i­ty, some peo­ple fan­ta­size that if they’ll arrived at a goal, they will auto­mat­i­cal­ly find long term hap­pi­ness there.

Life is not about achiev­ing goals or being on the top. You know why moun­taineers love climb­ing moun­tains after moun­tains? Because they find hap­pi­ness along the jour­ney. The same way in life. It is a jour­ney, it is not momen­tary. Don’t be on a hur­ry to achieve a goal. The best way to achieve it  is to tru­ly enjoy every sin­gle step on the path towards it.

You will fail some­times, you will com­mit mis­takes but turn that into some­thing to learn so that you will grow as well while on the jour­ney of life. When you reach one goal, don’t for­get to cel­e­brate even if it is a small suc­cess.

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