Ever wonder why some people are successful and some are not? Here are some things you should consider doing to become one.

1. Exit the competitive mind and enter the creative.

Always remind yourself that you are competing with yourself and to no one. Comparing yourself to others leads you to fear, jealousy, envy and even hatred. all of which block you from having a creative and purposeful mind.

Focus on all self improvement on fearlessness, honestly, acceptance and love of yourself and others. Focus on your strengths and find a community that shares your weaknesses. Show your authentic self.


2. Be with the people that share the same dreams as you and will hold the ropes for you.

This is one thing I learned. It is better to be successful as a team than to be successful alone.


3. Always be advancing.

Move on from the past, if there are people who have hurt you in the past. Yesterday ended last night, stop thinking what could have been or even regret it, they are now a part of your history but not part of your destiny.

Choose the high road, continue learning and continue moving, move with faith, all the things that are meant for you will unfold.


4. Take action.

By your thoughts, it brings you the things you want, by faith you claim it but only by your actions you can only receive it.

How many times have you actually tried? How many times have you failed from your mistake and move forward? and when you think you're giving up remember what successful person have gone through before they reach the top.

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There is no perfect moment when to start. There were no signs from heaven that will tell you. Don't believe in luck. All of the best things can only be receive by action, hard work, persistence and determination to breakthrough.


5. Make the sacrifice.

How much are you willing to sacrifice for your dream to survive?


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