Photo of myself in Cambodia.

Last month, I traveled again in another part of the world, it was in Thailand and Cambodia. I've never been a fan of travelling before for so many reasons like budget, accommodation, food and expenses because I care a lot of how much I am going to spend.

I just started getting out of my comfort zone last year. Besides from my missions trip in Myanmar, I went to Singapore because I was brokenhearted - and yeah it helped!.

And so, I would like to share a little bit about my trip in Thailand and Cambodia, it was fun. I met a lot of people and built good relationships and will definitely go back even my experience that time with a buddy was never a good at all.

Traveling around and exploring new places is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Let me share my five reasons why I love to travel more.

1. Meeting new people

Meeting new people and building networks is one of the best things that could happen when you are traveling. You got to know the people whom you are traveling with, plus it is fun that you will find some people who think the same way as you are. You will discover the best in every people you will meet.

2. Spontaneous Adventures

I hate it when your initial plans will never come out at all. To tell you honestly I'm a planner and if I don't know what is happening or what will happen, I get anxious about it. But some of the best times that have happened to me while traveling are unplanned.  I remember the last time we've lost in a certain place and we don't where to go and most people can't speak nor understand English very well,  it upsets me, but later on, I just realize that sometimes it was fun to lost somewhere so you could learn something from the people and the place.

3. Missions

My heart really beats for missions. I don't know but whenever I will go to a different place, I will instantly look for a church and from there, I would volunteer myself to serve. My heart really cares for the nations. If you're going to ask me why I just know it. It is something that I can just feel and know to be true and I believe it was from God. Try going to missions and I promise you will feel the same.

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4. Trying New Food

I love to eat honestly. What should I say more?

5. Travelling can help to heal a broken heart.

When our heart is broken, the first thing that would come out from our minds is no other than relationship. When we love someone, we are giving a part of ourselves to them and when they leave or simply rejected us because they don't like us, we have lost a part of ourselves.

Honestly, my heart was broken last year because of a failed pursuit. Three months have passed and I am not yet healed and so a friend encouraged me to go with him in Singapore even just for four days.

My travel in Singapore has helped me a lot to forget what happened. Seeing new places and take captive of the beauty of the country has helped me to mend my broken heart. Why? Because I know for certain that it was God's will for me to travel, to explore the nature and feed my eyes with the beauty of His creation that made me to forget about everything that frustrates me.

How about you? Why do you love to travel?.

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