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Pho­to of myself in Cam­bo­dia.

Last month, I trav­eled again in anoth­er part of the world, it was in Thai­land and Cam­bo­dia. I’ve nev­er been a fan of trav­el­ling before for so many rea­sons like bud­get, accom­mo­da­tion, food and expens­es because I care a lot of how much I am going to spend.

I just start­ed get­ting out of my com­fort zone last year. Besides from my mis­sions trip in Myan­mar, I went to Sin­ga­pore because I was bro­ken­heart­ed — and yeah it helped!.

And so, I would like to share a lit­tle bit about my trip in Thai­land and Cam­bo­dia, it was fun. I met a lot of peo­ple and built good rela­tion­ships and will def­i­nite­ly go back even my expe­ri­ence that time with a bud­dy was nev­er a good at all.

Trav­el­ing around and explor­ing new places is one of the best things you can do for your­self. Let me share my five rea­sons why I love to trav­el more.

1. Meet­ing new peo­ple

Meet­ing new peo­ple and build­ing net­works is one of the best things that could hap­pen when you are trav­el­ing. You got to know the peo­ple whom you are trav­el­ing with, plus it is fun that you will find some peo­ple who think the same way as you are. You will dis­cov­er the best in every peo­ple you will meet.

2. Spon­ta­neous Adven­tures

I hate it when your ini­tial plans will nev­er come out at all. To tell you hon­est­ly I’m a plan­ner and if I don’t know what is hap­pen­ing or what will hap­pen, I get anx­ious about it. But some of the best times that have hap­pened to me while trav­el­ing are unplanned.  I remem­ber the last time we’ve lost in a cer­tain place and we don’t where to go and most peo­ple can’t speak nor under­stand Eng­lish very well,  it upsets me, but lat­er on, I just real­ize that some­times it was fun to lost some­where so you could learn some­thing from the peo­ple and the place.

3. Mis­sions

My heart real­ly beats for mis­sions. I don’t know but when­ev­er I will go to a dif­fer­ent place, I will instant­ly look for a church and from there, I would vol­un­teer myself to serve. My heart real­ly cares for the nations. If you’re going to ask me why I just know it. It is some­thing that I can just feel and know to be true and I believe it was from God. Try going to mis­sions and I promise you will feel the same.

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4. Try­ing New Food

I love to eat hon­est­ly. What should I say more?

5. Trav­el­ling can help to heal a bro­ken heart.

When our heart is bro­ken, the first thing that would come out from our minds is no oth­er than rela­tion­ship. When we love some­one, we are giv­ing a part of our­selves to them and when they leave or sim­ply reject­ed us because they don’t like us, we have lost a part of our­selves.

Hon­est­ly, my heart was bro­ken last year because of a failed pur­suit. Three months have passed and I am not yet healed and so a friend encour­aged me to go with him in Sin­ga­pore even just for four days.

My trav­el in Sin­ga­pore has helped me a lot to for­get what hap­pened. See­ing new places and take cap­tive of the beau­ty of the coun­try has helped me to mend my bro­ken heart. Why? Because I know for cer­tain that it was God’s will for me to trav­el, to explore the nature and feed my eyes with the beau­ty of His cre­ation that made me to for­get about every­thing that frus­trates me.

How about you? Why do you love to trav­el?.

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