I was reading Pastor Joey Bonifacio's newest book "The Values Drive Heart" that made me to reflect on the values I have about everything.

In his book, he shared 3 truths about money. Though money is a symbol of value, our perspective about money will direct our destiny, hence, it is also important for us to see the truth behind it and how it will going to affect our lives.

1. Money is Neutral.

1 Timothy 6:10 said: "..for the love of money is the root of all kinds of all evil.

It has been a long time that religious people tirelessly preaching that money is the root of all evil.

And growing up, I find it amusing that I found some of these religious people lavished themselves with the luxury that an average people cannot have.

Money is neutral, it is only a mere symbol of value and it will not make a person evil but loving it does.

2. Money is powerful.

Throughout the history, most crimes recorded were caused by greed and envy. Families separated, nations divided because of it.

Money can almost buy anything, some people are willing to sell their integrity or willing to compromise for the sake of it.

No wonder why most people allured to it.

Lest, we see God is powerful than money, we will not reach the contentment and satisfaction we long for.

3. Money has the capacity to divert our destiny.

It gives us many grief when we love money.

Money has the power to create our destiny, but it has also the power to destroy it.

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Jesus never said that money is not valuable but it should not be valuable than God.

He also said that when we seek God first, He is willing to add all of it to us.

And also remember that even though money can almost buy anything, you buy money with your time.

We can replace eventually all of the money that have lost, but we can never bring back the time we spent.

I like what John Maxwell said about this:

"You don't really pay for things with money. You pay for them with time. It's not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is "What are we busy about?". In spending time unreflectively, our lives veer off course, taking us away from our deepest values."

What are the things you value today? Is earning money is important for you than God?

Think about it.

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