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I was read­ing Pas­tor Joey Boni­fa­cio’s newest book “The Val­ues Dri­ve Heart” that made me to reflect on the val­ues I have about every­thing.

In his book, he shared 3 truths about mon­ey. Though mon­ey is a sym­bol of val­ue, our per­spec­tive about mon­ey will direct our des­tiny, hence, it is also impor­tant for us to see the truth behind it and how it will going to affect our lives.

1. Mon­ey is Neu­tral.

1 Tim­o­thy 6:10 said: “..for the love of mon­ey is the root of all kinds of all evil.

It has been a long time that reli­gious peo­ple tire­less­ly preach­ing that mon­ey is the root of all evil.

And grow­ing up, I find it amus­ing that I found some of these reli­gious peo­ple lav­ished them­selves with the lux­u­ry that an aver­age peo­ple can­not have.

Mon­ey is neu­tral, it is only a mere sym­bol of val­ue and it will not make a per­son evil but lov­ing it does.

2. Mon­ey is pow­er­ful.

Through­out the his­to­ry, most crimes record­ed were caused by greed and envy. Fam­i­lies sep­a­rat­ed, nations divid­ed because of it.

Mon­ey can almost buy any­thing, some peo­ple are will­ing to sell their integri­ty or will­ing to com­pro­mise for the sake of it.

No won­der why most peo­ple allured to it.

Lest, we see God is pow­er­ful than mon­ey, we will not reach the con­tent­ment and sat­is­fac­tion we long for.

3. Mon­ey has the capac­i­ty to divert our des­tiny.

It gives us many grief when we love mon­ey.

Mon­ey has the pow­er to cre­ate our des­tiny, but it has also the pow­er to destroy it.

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Jesus nev­er said that mon­ey is not valu­able but it should not be valu­able than God.

He also said that when we seek God first, He is will­ing to add all of it to us.

And also remem­ber that even though mon­ey can almost buy any­thing, you buy mon­ey with your time.

We can replace even­tu­al­ly all of the mon­ey that have lost, but we can nev­er bring back the time we spent.

I like what John Maxwell said about this:

You don’t real­ly pay for things with mon­ey. You pay for them with time. It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The ques­tion is “What are we busy about?”. In spend­ing time unre­flec­tive­ly, our lives veer off course, tak­ing us away from our deep­est val­ues.”

What are the things you val­ue today? Is earn­ing mon­ey is impor­tant for you than God?

Think about it.

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