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Been a long time I haven’t write any­thing on this blog. Adult­ing is so hard and tir­ing. I wish I could go back to my writ­ing habits but not this time.
I just start­ed as a new employ­ee at Shell (Con­grat­u­la­tions to me!) and of course, with great salary and ben­e­fits comes with great respon­si­bil­i­ty) just in case you won­der why I’ve been so busy these past few months and you did­n’t get any­thing new from this blog.
I just wrote this blog to encour­age my fel­low Sin­gles in our church to join us for our upcom­ing Sin­gles Get­away! If you don’t know what #MAP means, it stands for Metro East, Antipo­lo, and Pasig con­gre­ga­tions.
In fact, I’ve been into two dif­fer­ent sin­gles retreat. First one was in Bora­cay and the last one was in Batan­gas (4 years ago). I’ve learned a lot and met a lot of peo­ple whom I call now as friends.
The Sin­gles Get­away this year will be on July 19–21, so if you haven’t signed up yet, let me share with you three great rea­sons why you should! This blog was inspired by an arti­cle in Act Like A Man.
1. Meet new friends.
There is no bet­ter way to meet new friends (I mean real friends who will stick clos­er than a brother/sister) than in the spir­i­tu­al fam­i­ly.
Back in 2013, I only have a hand­ful of friends, I was a dead kid who was so reluc­tant to meet new peo­ple.
What made me decide to final­ly join? Of course my new found fam­i­ly. Know­ing the impor­tance of meet­ing new friends and expand­ing my net­work with­in my spir­i­tu­al fam­i­ly is worth it. I get to know oth­er peo­ple as well who can relate to my dai­ly life as a young pro­fes­sion­al.
The friends you will meet here are for life! They can sure­ly help you to ful­fill your call­ing. There are no acci­dents when it comes to rela­tion­ships. Today, some of these friends I’ve met from two sin­gles retreats were mar­ried and have their own fam­i­lies already and I am proud to say that I can freely come to them for account­abil­i­ty, career coach­ing and love life tips (wink wink).
2. You need a break!
Come on! This is a retreat! You need some relax­ation and learn to chill after all the stress in your pro­fes­sion­al life.
This get­away is not only a way for you to escape from the real­i­ty of adult­ing life. This event will also allow you to learn while you are on a break! If you are a learn­er like me or I pre­fer call­ing myself as a “sem­i­nar­ista” ( a per­son who loves learn­ing by attend­ing con­fer­ences and sem­i­nars and train­ing for the sake of learn­ing and per­son­al improve­ment) this is for you!
3. A pow­er­ful ses­sion with Den­nis Sy and his wife, Tham­mie Sy.
Pas­tor Den­nis Sy is the author of Act Like A Man Book and Rich for Life. He is also the founder of Act Like A Man Philip­pines. I learned a lot from this man and I am always look­ing for­ward to hear from him.
I get to know him when I was just start­ing to walk my new found rela­tion­ship with God. I often lis­ten to his pod­cast as I don’t have a church to attend yet. From there I fol­lowed his blogs and read it as soon there’s new blog com­ing in!
I final­ly met this man in one of his book writ­ing train­ing. I’m glad to be men­tored and coached by him in the process of writ­ing my book. And oh, by the way, this man was the first best sell­ing author who expressed inter­est in buy­ing the first book I wrote! Haha.
With his wis­dom and expe­ri­ences, you can learn a lot. Get prac­ti­cal insights from him that you would­n’t want to miss, espe­cial­ly in the area of rela­tion­ships, work, man­hood, mar­riage, and max­i­miz­ing this sea­son we have!
I am so excit­ed to meet him again! I’m a big fan of his blogs and (hope­ful­ly if God allows me to have a part­ner) I can talk with him and his wife on a date. Haha (wink wink).
We will also be hav­ing oth­er speak­ers for sure. So as ear­ly as now, pre­pare your ques­tions that have been lin­ger­ing on your mind for years because I am sure they are ready to answer it!
What are you wait­ing for? Get your slot now!
To reserve your slot/pay. Vis­it the Sin­gles Get­away Booth this week­end in which you are locat­ed. If you are from Antipo­lo, go to Vic­to­ry Antipo­lo and vice ver­sa.
See you there!

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