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Dhenn Espir­i­tu is an author, inspi­ra­tional speak­er, writer and works as an I.T Pro­fes­sion­al in the cor­po­rate world. He devotes his time to teach­ing kids in Sun­day School, blog­ging, and writ­ing. Read More

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When God Closed Doors and Relationships

We are all rela­tion­al beings long­ing to live with oth­er peo­ple. We have friends that some­times we unknow­ing­ly cat­e­gor­i­cal­ly them by the lev­el of their sig­nif­i­cance in our lives; we have best friends, close friends, and new friends we cher­ished. We have our fam­i­ly…

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Keep Learning

Want to be young? Keep learn­ing! Any­one who keeps on learn­ing not only remains young but becomes con­sis­tent­ly more valu­able regard­less of phys­i­cal capac­i­ty. Albert Ein­stein once said, “Once you stop learn­ing you start dying.”  I like how he said it. It is true if you…

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Choose The Offensive Side

Have you ever expe­ri­enced being a cow­ard and not being able to move? I remem­ber the first time I took my dri­ving class­es two years ago. I woke up every­day at 6 in the morn­ing so that I’ll be fin­ished then before my reg­u­lar work­ing hours. As I approach the driver’s…

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