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Dhenn Espir­i­tu is an author, inspi­ra­tional speak­er, writer and works as an I.T Pro­fes­sion­al in the cor­po­rate world. He devotes his time to teach­ing kids in Sun­day School, blog­ging, and writ­ing. Read More

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8 Lessons From 100 Tula Para Kay Stella

Last Sun­day, we watched “100 Tula Para Kay Stel­la”. Yes third-wheel ulit ako though I can watch movies alone. I don’t watch roman­tic movies cause I watch movies unless it will pick my inter­est to do so. But this time, I am deter­mined to watch a local indie movie. I…

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Radio Guesting at DZME 1530khz Kinse Trenta

Last July 27th, a few days after I post­ed one of my arti­cles that went viral, I was also receiv­ing a lot of mes­sages. I read them one by one and I was sur­prised that some­one from DZME 1350khz a radio host invit­ed me for their radio pro­gram. I was sur­prised. I don’t…

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How Having a Dream Board Can Help You

Two years ago, I’ve cre­at­ed my own dream board or also known as “vision board”. If the term is not yet famil­iar with you, let me define it first for you. A vision board is a col­lage of images, words, or any­thing that helps you visu­al­ize who you want to be and what…

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