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Dhenn Espir­i­tu is an author, inspi­ra­tional speak­er, writer and works as an I.T Pro­fes­sion­al in the cor­po­rate world. He devotes his time to teach­ing kids in Sun­day School, blog­ging, and writ­ing. Read More

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  • Lead­er­ship
  • Find­ing your pur­pose and call­ing in life.
  • Writ­ing and self-pub­lish­ing.
  • Blog­ging and Social Media
  • Web Design and Devel­op­ment
  • Pub­lic Speak­ing
  • Cre­at­ing Solu­tions From Prob­lems
  • All his mess­es, adver­saries, fail­ures, mis­takes, and how you can avoid them!

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8 Habits of Highly Influential People

Have you ever won­der what it takes to be a high­ly influ­en­tial per­son? Was it a gift from God or can it be learned? Do you know some­one who is a high­ly influ­en­tial per­son? I was blessed enough because even they are few, they are my friends and my men­tors. There has…

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Dear Worry

Dear Wor­ry, You know wor­ry, you’ve been a part of my life for a long time now. You know my past and life is dif­fi­cult, but you took advan­tage of it by telling me lies about my future. You said I could nev­er make it that my prob­lems are just too big. Wor­ry, I admire…

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Why Volunteering Can Develop Your Leadership Skills

I remem­ber 10 years ago when one of my class­mates in col­lege encour­aged me to be part of the stu­dent gov­ern­ment in which I refused because I don’t like to asso­ciate with peo­ple. I’m an intro­vert and I had oth­er impor­tant things to do and I want noth­ing to add up into…

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